Guardians of The Bubble

It happened during my sophomore year of high school as I was entering my English class. Instead of the regular,”Read this book” or “Do this grammar worksheet”, we were instead presented with a bubble blowing machine. It spewed out many of its magical bubbles and as the students entered the room they were all awestruck from its beauty. Class started and our teacher asked us to write in our journals about the topic,”How does this Bubble Blowing Machine represent life?” At the moment I wasn’t sure how to respond to the prompt therefore ended up leaving the assignment blank, but as I’ve grown older and have experienced the difficulties of life, I have now come to understand the meaning behind that magical bubble blowing machine. Recently, I came back to that empty page and finally completed it. Here is what I wrote:

Bubbles, the one thing that never fails to lighten everyone’s day. Young or old you’ll always see a smile come upon their faces when they see a bubble. The bubble machine represents a person, anyone, and all the bubbles they blow is their kindness spreading throughout the world. The classroom symbolizes the world we live in and in this world there are two types of people, Bubble Poppers and Bubble Guardians. Those who will do anything and everything to save a bubble for as long as they possibly can and those that find joy in popping the bubbles. The Bubble Poppers in life are those that only care about themselves, and are only in to for their own benefit. Stay away from these people, they will only bring trouble into your life. However, fill your life with Bubble Guardians, for they are the ones that will elevate you to become your greatest potential.


Caught up in the problems of life, we have grown insensible to its beauties. When you feel as though life keeps pushing you to the ground, I challenge you to take a moment and just breath. Embrace your surroundings and realize that we have a finite amount of time to enjoy the beauties of life. Don’t waste it worrying about what tomorrow holds, cherish the now, and only then will you notice that life is much more than what society portrays. Its the little things that make life worth living for.


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