We Fear What We Don’t Understand

If you’re into saying prayers, say one now.


This story is a firsthand account and whether you believe it is true or not is up to you.


What you are about to read could go against the teachings of your religion or place fear into your mind.

You have been warned…

Before you read anymore, lets get the background information correct. Exorcism is the religious or spiritual practice for evicting demons or spiritual entities from a person or an area believed to have become possessed. The practice is ancient and has become a part of the belief system of many different cultures and religions all around the world. In Catholic Christianity, exorcisms are performed in the name of Jesus Christ and is meant to cast out demons within a person. In Christian practice the person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the Christian Church, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. How does someone get possessed? Anyone with a weak mental state or has participated in any demon summoning ritual has a high risk of getting possessed.

Now that we’ve got rid of all the scaredy cats and you have a general knowledge of the history and foundation of Exorcism, we can get started.

In order to protect the identity of the victim, I will be referring to the victim as, “Mary”. It was 2007 and Mary, a 41 year old woman, was expecting her baby to be due soon. I was only eight years old then, but Mary and I were very close. I could tell you she was the bravest and strongest women I’ve ever known, but the pregnancy had been taking a tole on her mentally and physically for many months now. She needed a break from her currently stressful life, being the owner of a busy nail salon had made her grow some white hairs. She decided to return to her homeland, Vietnam, alone in order to relieve stress and visit her family back there. Back then Mary, like many other people in her hometown, was Buddhist. When she arrived at Vietnam, she decided to go to a temple by herself. What she did there is unknown and to this very day, she refuses to tell anyone about what had happened at the temple. No one will ever know what truly happened there, but when she came back to America, it seemed as if she wasn’t her normal self. There was a weird vibe in the way she acted and talked, but it wasn’t evident until later on. A few days after she had arrived home, she told her husband to go to work and look after the nail salon while she stayed at home to rest. This was the first mistake of many. When Mary’s husband came back from work that night, the house was unrecognizable. Everything breakable was broken. Toys, papers, tables, chairs, electronics, and many more house hold items were scattered throughout the entire floor, but that wasn’t the most terrifying thing, it was realizing that Mary was standing in the corner of the room, laughing with an evil smirk on her face. To this day, I can still remember that demonic look. Her husband slowly approached and asked her what had happened, but all she did was angrily yell incomprehensible words. With no idea of what to do, Mary’s husband took her to the hospital to try and get her diagnosed in hopes of seeing what was wrong with her. As expected, the doctors checked her out fine and Mary acted as though she didn’t know what she had done. She acted like her usually self; calm, cool, and collected, but as soon as they left that hospital it was as if a switch had been turned back on in her and she started going berserk again. Every night for the next two days, there would be constant screaming and wall banging coming from Mary’s room. Her husband decided to go buy wine for her to drink in order to put her to sleep, but his efforts would not prevail for long and Mary would soon continue with her ways. Then her husband decided to go to the doctors and got bags of medicine, that consisted but weren’t limited to of pain killers and sleeping pills. Now remember, Mary was pregnant during all of this and I’m not exaggerating when I say bags of medicine. These made her mental attacks occur less often, but it didn’t resolve the bigger problem which was incurable with medicine.

Mary’s husband suggested that she should start living with some relatives so there would be someone to watch over her in the case that something terrible was to happen, there would at least be someone to help. Every night Mary would go to the heavily locked front door and bang on it constantly, and repeatedly her relative would ask her,”What are you doing?” and she would always reply,”I want to die.” Then one day, the door was open and Mary saw it as an opportunity to escape the house. This was the second mistake of many. Mary sprinted outside the house and straight into the on coming traffic, luckily the driver was able to stop the car before she was squashed like a pancake. If that driver had not stopped, Mary and her baby would not be alive today.19181068968_1da58794e4_oHer husband didn’t know what else to do, and even though he was a Buddhist himself, all he could think of doing was turn to God for help. He resorted to taking Mary to church and seeking guidance from a priest. He had heard news of an exorcist coming to town and was willing to help anyone in need. One night, Mary, her husband and I decided to attend the mass and see what could be done with the current situation at hand. After mass had ended, the priest invited anyone and everyone who needed assistance from God to step forward in front of the church. Approximately twenty people, young and old, men and women, stepped up along with me and Mary. Everyone lined up in front of the alter table. The priest took holy water, dabbed some onto his thumb, and made the sign of the cross on everyone’s forehead one by one while he said a prayer to each person. One by one each one of them fell backwards straight to the ground. The people that fell to the ground looked as though they had fallen asleep, but they were actually crying and mumbling incomprehensible words. Then the priest again took the holy water and did the sign of the cross onto my forehead as well. As soon as he did it, I began to feel light headed and confused and I too started falling backwards, but as I was half way into falling I suddenly had the force to jerked back awake before I lost balance. The priest told me that only people with pure souls could resist falling. He then approached Mary and proceed to do the same to her, but what differentiated with her was that as soon as the priest laid his hands upon her head, she began screaming to the top of her lungs and tried attacking the priest. It took four men to restrain Mary, a weak pregnant women. It was as if she had acquired super strength out of nowhere. Everyone inside the church began to run out of the church in fear of being possessed by something evil within Mary. At that moment Mary’s husband and I knew for certain that some sort of entity has been possessing her and originated back when she had traveled to Vietnam and went to the temple. When the priest asked her what was wrong, all Mary could say was that she felt very dizzy and everything around her became a blur when the priest had set his hands upon her. The priest instructed Mary to kneel down and immediately, he placed his hands on her head again and said a prayer. Mary, with eyes rolled to the back of her head, instantly stood up and began screaming to the top of her lungs and as quickly as she did, she completely fell to the ground like a leaf. As Mary laid down on the floor, her body was crying and sweating heavily. Five minutes passed before she was able to wake up, and as soon as she did, she was instantly transformed. She was no longer white pale and looked like her vibrant self. Since then Mary and her husband have converted religions and become Catholic. Now, Mary has a beautiful baby that is perfectly healthy and everything has returned back to normal, but what happened will forever be engraved in our minds and even as I write this, chills are creeping all throughout my body. Experiencing this at the age of 8, you can get a feel of how it impacted me mentally as a child, to see someone that is close to you go through exorcism. It’s something no one should ever have to go through.


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