We Have Become What We’ve Feared.

The biggest lie in American history… 

September 11 2001, was a day of national tragedy that no one will ever forget and will forever be engraved in our memories. Every year millions of Americans commemorate the 9/11 attacks, but do they truly know how it happened? No, many people believe what the media has been spoon feeding them and are satisfied with not knowing the whole truth. Since that day the United States Government increased its defense spending , created a new federal agency, The Department of Homeland Security, and established the Patriot Act which gave law enforcement agencies the ability to search and allowed surveillance powers over U.S. citizens without a warrant as long as they have suspicion of terrorist activities. When I first was aware of the 9/11 attacks, I was shocked about how these acts of terrorism was possible in America. Every year on September 11, there would always be news stations that commemorated that day. Yet, I never really knew what happened and how it happened that day. Curiosity sparked in me and I inevitably began doing my own research into that day, what I discovered would make me question my governments credibility. I’ve compiled my own report and research findings into this blog post.


All of the information below is backed up with sources that I’ve placed into hyperlinks.

According to the general accounting office over sixty million dollars was used to investigate scandals that involved President Bill Clinton, yet only fifteen million was the most officials spent to investigate the highest-profile mass murder on American soil. On September 11 2001, at 9:03 a.m. flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. At 9:06, President George Bush, currently at an elementary school was informed that a second plane had just hit the World Trade Center. The Vice President as well as other officials were rushed to secure locations, while the President stayed at the school for an additional twenty minutes after knowing about the attacks. One of the most questioned things that happened during the 9/11 attack was how jet fuel could possibly melt steal beams and cause the World Trade Center towers to collapse into a free-fall. It has been proven that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel beams.  Jet fuel burns between 800° and 1500°F which is not hot enough to melt steel, steel melts at 2750°F. So what could have caused the steel to plummet towards the ground so quickly? Many research organizations have found residue of Nano Thermite, a mixture that can create a very high temperature flame and is used in welding and for incendiary bombs. These Thermite mixtures set off white smoke rather than the ordinary black smoke we see when wood or plastic is burnt. These facts sparked many controversies all across the world and many people were questioning if its own government was to blame for the 9/11 attacks. Many American citizens demanded an official investigation on what happened that day. The Bush administration was so against to the idea of starting an official investigation into 9/11, that it took over a year after the attack to get the investigation started, and only happened because there was a group of women call the Jersey Girls who forced the Bush administration through public pressure to form a 9/11 Commission which was tasked to create a full and complete count of the circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks. Their report left out many facts, including the fact that there was a third building of the World Trade Center complex that completely collapsed even though there was no impact to the building. The 7 World Trade Center was a forty-seven story, steel framed, federal office building that housed government agencies and financial institutions such as the IRS, SEC, and Secret Service. This six hundred feet tall building collapsed in six and a half seconds at 5:20 p.m.; more than seven hours after the second World Trade Center tower fell. Another interesting thing was that the news station BBC conducted a live report where reporter Jane Stanley announced that 7 World Trade Center collapsed, even though it was still standing in the background. Building 7 wouldn’t collapse until twenty minutes after the report. Another interesting thing to note is that on July 24 2001, 49 days before the 9/11 attack, Larry Silverstein from Silverstein Properties placed fourteen million dollars of his own money to acquire a ninety-nine year lease of the World Trade Center and was the sole beneficiary of the insurance payments for acts of terrorism to the World Trade Center buildings. After the 9/11 attacks, Larry Silverstein went to court with the insurance company and was awarded 4.55 billion dollars. Yet the most shocking evidence was revealed when President George Bush was speaking at a town hall meeting in Orlando Florida and told people that he had seen the first plane hit the tower on television when he was at the elementary school. The reason many people have made a big deal about this is that no one could have seen footage of the first plane hitting the tower because there was no known live coverage of the first plane. The only known film of the first plane hitting the tower was recorded by Jules Naudet at 8:46 a.m.; who was at the time filming a firefighter training video. This video would not be released to the news stations until a day after the 9/11 attacks. The Presidents statement about seeing the footage live on television was a vital information that was also omitted in the 9/11 Commission Report.


Still don’t believe that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job? Will we ever know for sure what happened and who was really behind the 9/11 attacks? Maybe not, everything I’ve talked about is frowned upon by our government and people in power.  They don’t want us to know the truth and we probably never will, but do some research yourself and you may end up unraveling some bone chilling facts. Question authority and do your own research, only then will you know the truth.




3 thoughts on “We Have Become What We’ve Feared.

  1. The way you used your words made me tremble with envy. I have never read such powerful words in my life. Every sentence I read only draws me in closer to the screen of my computer until my eyes are completely glued. What you have bestowed upon me today is a blessing I shall forever cherish until the day I die. I will make it my life goal to spread the word of your blog until everyone knows about ThinkingGreater. I thank you for opening my eyes with such powerful yet poetic messages.
    Yours truly
    your biggest fan


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